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The Best Coffee Shops in Shoreditch

15th November 2016

We all love it, we all crave it and we all cannot live without it. Coffee is undeniably the world’s favourite morning pick-me-up, with an average of two billion cups of Joe being guzzled everyday internationally.

It was not until the 17th century that coffee was introduced to the United Kingdom and from then on the nation became hooked. London is abound with coffee shops and cosy cafés, and Shoreditch is a hotspot for coffee-lovers throughout the city. So whether you like a frothy cappuccino with an extra shot or a long black with a dash of almond milk, there will be someone in Shoreditch that will cater to your caffeinated needs.

Nude Espresso 

Labelled as the ‘perfect café’, Nude Espresso in Shoreditch ticks all of the boxes. The roaster team is more than enthusiastic about coffee and has years of training and experience for how to make the perfect cup of coffee making your customer experience unforgettable each and every time. Each cup is made with an extra helping of passion and love, making every sip taste better than the last.

Look Mum No Hands

Located on bustling Old Street, this edgy coffee shop doubles up as a bicycle workshop and has four full time mechanics on hand ready to service bikes and fix flat tyres. If that weren’t enough, this “cycle café” also has a bar that serves a Monday to Friday happy hour. Quirky décor and great vibes make this café the perfect setting to enjoy a delicious Square Mile Coffee Roasters brew.

Franze and Evans

For a cosy, quaint and quiet escape from the flurry of Shoreditch, this Italian deli-style coffee shop is a clear winner for you and your daily grind. Even before your first sip of Italian Musetti coffee you will be hooked; the ornate yet tasteful interiors and the smell of freshly ground beans and cakes will be quite the treat for those nostrils.

FIX 126

Do you like coffee? Do you like Instagram? Do you like taking pictures of coffee and putting them on Instagram? Well, this delightful café is right up your street. The exposed-brick walls and school-like design gives this coffee meeting spot a quirky edge and the coffee sets it apart from the rest. So take some quality me-time and grab yourself an uplifting blend, while flicking through your favourite Instagram filters so that everyone can share your FIX 126 experience with you.

Lantana Café

Get a slice of the laid-back Australian café culture and fall in love with your daily caffeine ritual the way it should be and the way the founders from down under intended. At Lantana Café there is a strong bond between the bean and the barista to ensure that each cup of coffee is created effortlessly.

In addition to these delicious Shoreditch coffee shops, we would like to also give notable recognition to Shoreditch Grind and Ozone Coffee Roasters as they have built up quite a reputation over the years and are at the top of the list for many coffee loving locals.

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